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Click on the title in the list to see that a full description of each student of the program carefully read all details on the eligibility for the program and the application process. Use the information in the contact information for free government grants for everyone each area a federal program. call, email, or write in the offices of the administration of the programs for more information. By Mayor Steve Adler, Austin, TexasAs we approached the Mayor of third annual day of recognition for a State recognition and the first service CountyDay national-service 7. April 2015, please Severallocal leaders to discuss why it is important for the national service Theircommunities. What is your city national service?Military service has strengthened our community. AmeriCorps and Senior Corps are a Criticalresource for the service on our poorest neighborhoods and our low Incomecommunities. This resource is little or even no cost, Helpfulregarding the reality of budgetary constraints facing all levels of Government. Youparticipating agenda of the Mayor?It is important to recognize those who are in Policiaentrase. A word of thanks can not sufficiently represent the amount of gratitude that has our community for members of the national service, but it's a start. It is my hope that through the recognition of the work of the members of the national service, you can inspire, others made to serve. What is your hope for the future of military service?It is to expand my hope of national service and impact across generations. It is clear that to do Financialinvestment on military service creates an exponential performance and taxpayer resources at low cost and efficient use. The Mayor of the day Sanchez?Military service invites the members of the Municipal Council of Austin and personally thank you ceremony Hostinga for their service to our communities. .